nourish your soul, feed your body, power your life

Feed your body, Nourish your soul, FUEL your life

Welcome Friend!  If you like working out and eating well, you're in the right place!

A little bit about me... When I'm not teaching yoga or barre, I'm hitting a CrossFit workout, completing a M.S. in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology, or making a mess in the kitchen. 

Some things I believe:  

1.  You shouldn't have to choose between healthy and delicious.

2.  Your workout isn't punishment for something you ate.  And on the flip-side, food is not a reward for burning a certain number of calories. 

3.  What you put in your body influences how you feel both mentally and physically.  

4.  If you eat in a way that supports your active lifestyle, you will get more out of your workouts and recover faster.  

So let's get cooking!